Mrs Lucy Scott 2nd Dan

IMG_2453_2I’ve been a member of Winchester Tae Kwon-Do since 2000, when my neighbour persuaded me to go along with her. I was a painfully shy teenager who always dreaded sport at school, so it was great to find a physical activity which I enjoyed and which improved my confidence.

Tae Kwon-Do allowed me to meet new people from all walks of life, and the atmosphere at the club was - and always has been - a very welcoming and supportive one. I’ve made so many friends through the club - one of them even introduced me to my husband (who’s now training too!).

I progressed steadily through the grades, enjoying the challenges that came with each new belt. I didn’t excel at gradings but kept persevering and enjoyed being an active member of the club - I was delighted to be awarded club student of the year for 2001. Having strived every grade for that elusive A-pass, it was all the more special when I was awarded my first one at my very last coloured belt grading - I think Master Dew could tell how much it meant by the size of my grin!

Shortly after gaining my black-tag I went away to university, but continued to train during the holidays. Sometimes other commitments prevent us from training, but the club will always welcome us back again. Even for those who move out of the area, with over 600 clubs around the UK, the TAGB is never too far away.

I finally gained my Black Belt in 2008 - a key goal for many students and a great personal achievement - but this is by no means the end - there’s still so much to learn! This is one of the best things about Tae Kwon-Do - everyone is learning, and yet we can each go at our own pace. There are many different elements to Tae Kwon-Do (my personal favourite being patterns), so our sessions are varied with something for everyone.

I’m now enjoying taking more responsibility within the club - recently taking over as club secretary and becoming a fully-qualified instructor. I find it very rewarding to help other students learn and to see them growing in confidence, and I aim to continue developing my skills as an instructor.